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Tuberville addresses incident

There’s been much talk in the news and social media that Tommy Tuberville slapped graduate assistant Kevin Oliver during Texas Tech’s Saturday win over Kansas. Tuberville addressed the issue during Monday’s press conference.

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville pulled the headset off of graduate assistant Kevin Oliver during the third quarter of Saturday's game against Kansas.

“After watching the film when I got home, it was obvious what a lot of people were upset about,” Tuberville said. “It upset me too. You don't do things like that, and it was obvious I reached up, grabbed his headset and pulled on it. Heat of the battle, some things happen, and sometimes you'd like to take back.”

The incident occurred in the third quarter, which was otherwise a rather slow and quiet quarter for both teams.

“That was a tough game," Tuberville said. "We were fighting hard. I've apologized to Kevin. We talked. Of course, we talked 30 seconds after that for the rest of the game, because I talk to him more on the headset than I do anybody else because he helps me chart special teams.”

Tuberville was disappointed that some are reporting it as a slap.

“Some have reported that I slapped or hit,” Tuberville said. “You're dead wrong. I did not do that. I'm a little bit disappointed that most of you in here know me. I think you know me a lot better than that. I can understand somebody in L.A. or California doing it and making some kind of statement like that by watching the film, but I never thought about it in 35 years. Never dreamed of hitting anybody and never have.”

A slap usually involves a hand moving in a lateral motion, whereas on tape Tuberville’s hand clearly moved in a downward motion.

“That's also disappointing to me that (calling it a slap) would be written here in this town, but we'll get on with it,” Tuberville said. “We'll get to this week. We're looking forward to getting back to work.”

Tuberville said he has kids of his own and over 100 kids and coaches on the sidelines.

“I've got to hold myself to a higher regard than that,” Tuberille said. “And I usually do.”

The Red Raiders (7-3) travel to Stillwater, Okla. to face the Oklahoma State Cowboys (6-3) on Saturday. Texas Tech hasn’t won in Stillwater since 2003.

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