Catching up with Cantrell

Texas Tech wide receiver Dylan Cantrell of Whitehouse, Texas was thoroughly impressed by the Red Raiders’ 49-14 win over West Virginia on Saturday.

The 6-foot-3, 205-pound receiver said he is 100 percent committed to Texas Tech.

“I was really impressed with everything they did, especially the defensive side of the ball,” Cantrell said. “They really stepped it up and shut them up which has been hard for every team they’ve played so far this year.”

The 6-foot-3, 205-pound receiver committed to Texas Tech in March over offers from West Virginia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and others.

“I was also impressed with Doege,” Cantrell said. “Last week I saw a lot of people talking bad about him, talking about how he played last week against OU. He stepped it up and showed them he’s a good player.”

As a wide receiver, Cantrell noticed some key plays that the average viewer might overlook.

“I liked watching my position in particular,” Cantrell said. “I know Jace Amaro has been doing great this year. He’s a big, strong, fast target. I also liked watching Alex Torres. He might not get that many balls but there were a couple of touchdowns last week where he had key blocks downfield. I don’t remember who scored but he drove his guy out of the back of the end zone. That’s key stuff a lot of people don’t recognize.”

Cantrell thinks Tech will win against TCU this weekend.

“I think Tech is going to do great,” Cantrell said. “I know TCU lost their quarterback and stuff but they still put up some good numbers last week. It’s probably going to be a hard fought game but I think Tech can pull it out in the end.”

Cantrell is being recruited to Tech by inside receivers coach Sonny Cumbie.

“He’s just an awesome guy,” Cantrell said. His personality, he gets along with every body. He’s real easy to talk to. He came to one of my football games this year and everyone was talking about how he was so easy to talk to and didn’t act like some big college coach or anything. I just can’t wait to get to Tech and play for him.”

Cantrell said he plans to gain weight and improve his speed in the off-season.

“I plan on doing that anyways just for myself,” Cantrell said. “They said the top two guys will play at each position. I wouldn’t mind being redshirted. It’s just one more year to learn the offense and get bigger.”

Cantrell, who plans to visit after the season, said most schools have backed off since he committed to Texas Tech.

“They try to bring all the committed players up there at the same time," Cantrell said. "I’m not sure when that is, I think last year it was early spring, late winter.”

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