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Board basics and FAQs

  • Welcome to Wreckem247. We’re thrilled to be partnering with on this site and have someone like Landon Wright managing it day-to-day.

    I wanted to take a few minutes to explain the message board and some other features on 247Sports since it’s probably different than what you may be use to somewhere else.

    Board Set Up

    First off, our boards here are a combination of both free and premium. Our goal is to make this community the destination for all Texas Tech fans while keeping the premium aspect of it in tact.

    You only have to be a registered user to Wreckem247 to post and topics are free to read by everyone on the Wreckem247 Board unless you mark your post VIP by checking the box show post to only Wreckem247 fans. If a post is VIP, only members of this site and this site only will be able to view it. For example, a game thread or OT posts should be free for everyone to read and enjoy while recruiting tidbits will be VIP.

    Board Navigation

    Unread posts will be red. After you click on one, it will turn grey. An orange icon indicates topics you have posted in.

    Once you’ve clicked around for a while, green envelopes on a topic will indicate new posts since you last visited that topic. By clicking on the green envelope, it will take you to the latest post since you last read the topic. Clicking directly on the topic will take you to the first post in the topic. If you want to go directly to the last post in a topic, click on the latest post to the right of the topic subject line.

    To ignore a user, click on the “Ghostbusters” symbol to the right of their avatar. You can send a user a private message by clicking on the envelope next to their avatar. Your private message inbox is located at the top right of the screen and it will alert you to any unread private messages in your inbox.

    Star Rating and Votes

    Your star rating is determined by the percentage of up votes versus down votes you receive. For example, if you receive 10 total votes and 8 were up votes and two were down votes, your 247Sports star rating will be 80.

    To avoid abuse only registered users of Wreckem247 will be able to down vote and all users receive 25 votes per day (20 up votes and only 5 down votes).

    What does it mean if the down vote button is grayed out?
    There are two possible reasons why a down vote button will be disabled. First, if you registered on a site other than your home team site, the down vote button will be disabled. To switch your home site, contact customer support at Secondly, if you use a higher ratio of down votes to up votes per day, your number of down votes will decrease which may leave you with zero down votes.

    Avatar and Signatures

    How do I add a signature?
    Click on the “My Account” link at the top right of the site and then click on the Signature tab. At this location you’ll be able to add your signature. (Images must be less than 1MB)

    How do I add an avatar?
    Click on the “My Account” link at the top right of the site and it’s the first option. Click change photo and upload your avatar. (Images must be less than 1MB)

    How do I turn off signatures?
    To turn off a signature, click on the turn off signatures button at the top right of the message board.

    Board FAQs

    What happens when I follow a user or follow a board?
    If you follow a user, you then can set a filter at the top of the board to only show posts from users that you are following. This is useful if you just want to read posts from the insiders/experts on the site. If you follow a board, the board will then appear under the tab for “my boards” at the top of the message board and at the top of the tool bar to the left of your Username and PM inbox. Then you can easily jump to one of the boards that you follow.

    What is the dashboard?
    The "Dashboard" link at the top left of the board will show you the most viewed topics on the board, the most active topics, the most up voted topics, the most down voted topics, what users are in the hall of fame for up votes and what users are in the hall of shame for down votes. You can also see what users are most followed on the board.

    How do you bold and italicize?
    Our message boards at 247Sports currently don’t accept HTML formatting, but we have tags to bold and italicize text.

    To bold and italicize, use the following code, but remove the spaces within the brackets.

    [ b ] Bold [ /b ]

    [ I ] Italic [ /I ]

    How many users can I include in one private message?
    You can include up to 10 users when sending a private message.

    How long can a user name be?
    User names on 247Sports must be between 3 and 15 characters

    Why does my user name have a 74_ in front of it?
    There is a chance that when you activated your account that (1) you may already have your nickname in your possession if you previously registered with 247Sports, or (2) someone else has registered the nickname from your previous site. If your nickname isn't available during the merge/activation process, the system will automatically assign you a new nickname with a (74_) before your nickname. We value your loyalty and will work hard to do our best to assist you in getting your original nickname back, or a suitable alternative. If you do not have your desired nickname after activation is complete, please email your first and last name, email address and desired nickname to

    I receive an error message saying my user name is too long?
    Because you already registered a name before going through the match process and it's a user name that has 13 or more characters, the system is counting the 74_ it attaches as additional characters. When you activate your account, cut off a few characters in your user name and then 247Sports will be able to merge the two together with the correct user name after you activate your account.

    I cannot read VIP posts on Wreckem247?
    The most common cause of this is that you are subscribed to 247Sports or another home site instead of Wreckem247. Contact customer support at and we’ll switch your subscription.

    247Sports Network Manager - - Twitter (pt247)

  • Welcome Tech fans.. Get this site up and running.

    "Get in where you fit in." Life is, Too Short TL;DR

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    The mobile site is awesome