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The Armchair Post-Game Report

  • Well,
    It wasn't a 66 point loss. And we got a look at our fearless 2013 leader (Brewer). I have been around many who have nothing but negative things to say about the Coaches, Staff and Players. So I brought my talent here. Because what I am interested in is the philosophy of football. I am interested in the mechanics, the facts, the truth. So with that being said here we go.

    1. Turnovers. In order to win we were going to need a near perfect game on par with our performance against WVU. So there is no real surprise, except, we did turn the ball over more than I thought we would. Today was especially challenging in that department

    2. Let's not take anything away from OSU. Gundy has had 10 years which have culminated in the last two years being truly phenomenal. They looked sharp. Especially on the ground.

    3. O-line. Do any of you guys remember how in HS football, about the last couple weeks of the season, that you were really looking forward to the season being over? I do. So imagine playing top ranked opponents, week after week, as your injury and attrition rate climbs. This is what happens when we don't get a real bye week. Last year we had 23 players going into surgery the DAY after the season was over. That too was a result of no bye week. TTU and ISU are the only teams currently in the BIG 12 w/o a guaranteed 2nd bye week that occurs during our schedule. This is an old holdover from the UT dominant thinking which is slowly coming to an end. Come 2014, things will be more equitable So, long story short our OL is thin, and tired. And this is what happens; injuries, missed assignments and ultimately, sacks.

    4. Biting on the play action. We have been cursed with biting on the play action for 4 weeks now. Unfortunately, only experience can counteract this, but even Davis and Johnson were fooled at least once. The play action was a definite weak spot for our defense today

    5. The storm. So, you got the Mo', but then you get a penalty, sets you back. Oh and then someone gets hurt. And then under pressure you throw a pick. And guess what, in the big 12, when a team is struck with sudden misfortune, the good teams capitalize. And boy did they. Once the game got away from us, and the misfortune continued, our chances grew slimmer and slimmer and then disappeared.

    6. I am not a coach basher, nor is this about coach bashing. I have faith in our offensive play-calling, but I always baffled by the run on 3rd and long when you are behind. In the OSU game, I saw how our run game eventually got going, but it was a day late and a dollar short. I know there is some sort of offensive philosophy which Brown is engaging in, I just am unsure what it is. My expertise do not go that far, and I would love to hear from others who may know more than me.

    So anyway, Lets keep our chins up. We are ahead of the curve, and we are rebuilding. I am proud of our team, and I feel for them. It sucks to lose when your far from home. So, onto next week. Onto Baylor. I will discuss the Baylor game later this week. Until the next installment-

    GUNS UP!!

  • Great write-up, I agree. Thanks for sharing Reno!