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Wreckem247's "You Call It" - Conference Championship Week

  • This feature is where the guys and I predict the outcome of the Big 12 games and other top games around the country. Joining me in this edition are Reese Gardell, Jeff Ezell, and Curtis Brown.

    There is no future or former Red Raider special guest this week because Tech does not play.
    The guys and I will pick the winner of the following:

    #16 UCLA (9-3) @ #8 Stanford (10-2)
    #21 N. Illinois (11-1) @ #17 Kent State (11-1)
    #2 Alabama (11-1) @ #3 Georgia (11-1)
    #12 Nebraska (10-2) @ Wisconsin (7-5)
    #13 Florida State (10-2) @ Georgia Tech (6-6)
    #20 Boise State (9-2) @ Nevada (7-4)
    Louisville (9-2) @ Rutgers (9-2)
    UCF (9-3) @ Tulsa (9-3)

    We pick all Big 12 games with a short explanation as to why each team wins:

    Kansas (1-10) @ West Virginia (6-5)
    #18 Texas (8-3) @ #6 Kansas State (10-1)
    #11 Oklahoma (9-2) @ TCU (7-4)
    #23 Oklahoma State (7-4) @ Baylor (6-5)
    Picks are arranged in this order: Reese G. :: J. Ezell :: C. Brown :: Landon

    #16 UCLA (9-3) @ #8 Stanford (10-2) Stan :: Stan :: Stan :: Stan
    #21 N. Illinois (11-1) @ #17 Kent State (11-1) NIU :: Kent :: NIU :: Kent
    #2 Alabama (11-1) @ #3 Georgia (11-1) Bama :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama
    #12 Nebraska (10-2) @ Wisconsin (7-5) Neb :: Neb :: Neb :: Neb
    #13 Florida State (10-2) @ Georgia Tech (6-6) FSU :: FSU :: FSU :: FSU
    #20 Boise State (9-2) @ Nevada (7-4) Boise :: Boise ::Boise :: Boise
    Louisville (9-2) @ Rutgers (9-2) L'Ville :: Rutgers :: Rutgers :: Rutgers
    UCF (9-3) @ Tulsa (9-3) Tulsa :: UCF :: UCF :: Tulsa
    Kansas (1-10) @ West Virginia (6-5)

    Reese: West Virginia
    "Kansas does not have the offense to keep up with West Virginia in Morgantown."

    Jeff: West Virginia
    "West Virginia still has a chance to salvage their season. Kansas, well not so much."

    Curtis: West Virginia
    "Maybe West Virginia found themselves again in their victory against Iowa State last week. I
    don’t believe Kansas will be able to keep up with the Mountaineer offense. I look for Geno
    Smith to have a big day in his last home game."

    Landon: West Virginia
    "This could turn out to be a good game because Kansas is due for a win sometime so I imagine they will gamble quite a bit in this one. West Virginia is looking to rebound after completely falling apart in Big 12 play, and finish the regular season above .500"
    #18 Texas (8-3) @ #6 Kansas State (10-1)

    Reese: Kansas State
    "Texas has a mess at the QB position. Kansas State gets the job done playing at home coming off a fair amount of bye time."

    Jeff: Kansas State
    "KSU is the best team in the conference this year and they deserve the trophy. I think Collin Klein will redeem himself and have a monster game this weekend."

    Curtis: Kansas State
    "A trip to the Fiesta Bowl is in store for the Wildcats with a victory. Kansas State has had recent
    success against the Longhorns, winning the last four in this series. With a top quality defense
    and Collin Klein willing his team, I think Texas’ upset bid will fall short."

    Landon: Kansas State
    "Kansas State has risen to the occasion in all of their big games this season and I'd expect them to again. (Baylor kind of caught them napping, and going into it, it wasn't a big game). Texas is coming off a loss to TCU and I don't think they'll be recovered enough."
    #11 Oklahoma (9-2) @ TCU (7-4)

    Reese: Oklahoma
    "TCU is coming off a big Thanksgiving win, but OU is a different beast. OU should be able to rattle TCU's young players and get the win."

    Jeff: Oklahoma
    "I think TCU is just outmatched right now against OU. Hats off to TCU for hanging tough this season though."

    Curtis: Oklahoma
    "TCU’s young defense is coming up against Oklahoma’s fast tempo offense. Though TCU’s
    defense is above average, I believe the youth of this defense won’t be able to make enough plays
    to stop Landry Jones and Co. Plus, Oklahoma is playing for a conference title and a possible
    BCS berth."

    Landon: TCU
    "I had a gut feeling to pick TCU last week and I didn't, I went with the Horns. I don't necessarily have a gut feeling about this one, but Oklahoma seems to struggle more against the middle-of-the-road Big 12 teams. Oklahoma is coming off an emotional win, and TCU playing at home could pull the upset."
    #23 Oklahoma State (7-4) @ Baylor (6-5)

    Reese: Oklahoma State
    "I'm looking for OSU to get the job done coming off a tough loss. OSU should have no problems scoring points, and I look for its defense to get a few big stops."

    Jeff: Oklahoma State
    "Oklahoma State’s offense is going to have an early Christmas this year because Baylor’s defense is horrible. Baylor’s defense doesn’t stand a chance."

    Curtis: Oklahoma State
    "With Baylor becoming bowl eligible last week, the pressure of reaching that goal is off. Baylor
    could become a little relaxed now (I doubt it). Oklahoma State can just plug people into their
    system and produce numbers. I think the Cowboys win by making one to two more stops on
    defense and the Cowboys offense to keep on scoring."

    Landon: Baylor
    "Baylor has improved tremendously each week during the second half of the season. They fought hard against OU, then they beat K-State and Tech. Their offense is as advertised and their defense is getting better. I think Oklahoma State is the better team, but hey, why not Baylor?"
    Overall Standings:

    Reese G.: 63-27
    Special Guests: 60-30
    J. Ezell: 55-35
    Landon Wright: 55-35
    C. Brown: 53-37

    Special Guests' Standings:

    Khalid Naziruddin: 8-1
    Tramain Swindall: 8-2
    Brandon Carter aka "TAC": 8-2
    D.J. Gillins: 8-6
    Aaron Crawford: 6-3
    Big Rich: 6-4
    Martin Zeno: 6-4
    Joel Gray: 5-4
    Aneas Henricks: 5-4
    Tell us who you've picked to win this week's games!

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  • Reese: 10-2
    Jeff: 7-5
    Curtis: 8-4
    Landon: 8-4