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Wreckem247's "You Call It" - Nov. 10th Edition f. Brandon Carter

  • This feature is where the guys and I predict the outcome of the Big 12 games and other top games around the country. Joining me in this edition are Reese Gardell, Jeff Ezell, Curtis Brown, and former Texas Tech offensive linemen Brandon Carter (2005-2009)!

    Carter was a consensus All-American in 2008. After stints with the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Dallas Cowboys, Carter is now a professional wrestler in WWE under the alias TAC.
    The guys and I will pick the winner of the following:

    #15 Texas A&M (7-2) @ #1 Alabama (9-0)
    #21 Mississippi State (7-2) @ #7 LSU (7-2)
    #11 Oregon State (7-1) @ #14 Stanford (7-2)
    Penn State (6-3) @ #16 Nebraska (7-2)
    #24 Northwestern (7-2) @ Michigan (6-3)

    We pick all Big 12 games with a short explanation as to why:

    #2 Kansas State (9-0) @ TCU (6-3)
    Baylor (4-4) @ #12 Oklahoma (6-2)
    Iowa State (5-4) @ #17 Texas (7-2)
    West Virginia (5-3) @ Oklahoma State (5-3)

    We predict the score and the winner of the Tech game and take a guess at how it'll turn out:

    Kansas (1-8) @ #22 Texas Tech (6-3)
    Picks are arranged in this order: Reese G. :: J. Ezell :: C. Brown :: Landon :: Brandon Carter

    #15 Texas A&M (7-2) @ #1 Alabama (9-0) :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama
    #21 Mississippi State (7-2) @ #7 LSU (7-2) :: LSU :: LSU :: LSU :: LSU :: LSU
    #11 Oregon State (7-1) @ #14 Stanford (7-2) :: Stan :: Stan :: Oreg. St. :: Stan. :: Stan.
    Penn State (6-3) @ #16 Nebraska (7-2) :: Nebraska :: Nebraska :: Penn State :: Nebraska :: Nebraska
    #24 Northwestern (7-2) @ Michigan (6-3) :: Michigan :: Michigan :: NW:: NW :: NW
    #2 Kansas State (9-0) @ TCU (6-3)

    Reese:: Kansas State
    "TCU pulled out a big win at West Virginia last week, but Kansas State is rolling. Even with Collin Klein a little banged up, look for the wizard Bill Snyder to get the job done."

    Jeff: Kansas State
    "I think TCU will play a competitive game but Kansas State is the best team in the conference."

    Curtis: Kansas State
    "I believe this will be closer than what people will expect. I think TCU will make Kansas State
    earn every yard they gain on offense, much like what Iowa State did against the Wildcats.
    Kansas State wins by single digits."

    Landon: Kansas State
    "I think Kansas State wins a close one. TCU is playing very well lately, but they are just too young. TCU would have to play a perfect game to win against Bill Snyder right now."

    TAC: Kansas State
    "I think this game will be a fight and will be closer than most think. TCU has a better team than their record portrays, but Kansas State just does not make mistakes and will come out on top in the end."
    Baylor (4-4) @ #12 Oklahoma (6-2)

    Reese: Oklahoma
    "Baylor has no defense. Oklahoma should roll at home."

    Jeff: Oklahoma
    "Oklahoma will out-athlete Baylor and take the lead quickly. Baylor’s defense is just not good enough to compete in this game."

    Curtis: Oklahoma
    "Baylor’s pass defense is ranked 116th in the country going up against an Oklahoma offense that can sling the ball around. I look for Landry Jones to have a big day in this one."

    Landon: Oklahoma
    "I don't think there's much to say about this one. Oklahoma's Thursday practice was probably tougher than this game will be for the Sooners, and Thursday is usually "hay in the barn" day for most teams."

    TAC: Oklahoma
    "Oklahoma has a great squad this year, and adding in that they have a major home field advantage in one of the toughest stadiums in the country. This one will go to Good Ol JR (Jim Ross) and his Oklahoma sooners."
    Iowa State (5-4) @ #17 Texas (7-2)

    Reese: Texas
    "The loss of Jake Knott could play a big role in this one. I look for Texas to build off its win last week and get the win at home."

    Jeff: Texas
    "Texas’ defense has been suspect all year and same can be said for Iowa State’s offense. I think UT’s offense has found enough of a groove to take care of business this week."

    Curtis: Texas
    "I would not be surprised at all if Iowa State gets the victory in this matchup. Texas will not want to lose again to the Cyclones in Austin. However, I think Johnathan Gray will be the difference as Texas gets the win (either that will be the reason, or Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads didn’t get a subscription to the Longhorn Network this week)."

    Landon: Texas
    "Curtis definitely just trolled Mack Brown and it was pretty awesome. That aside, I think despite being nine games too late, Texas has finally found (somewhat) of a rhythm. I think with Gray stepping into his own and Knott out, Texas will roll in this one."

    TAC: Texas
    "This one is the toughest for me to decide in the Big 12 this week due to the sheer history of Iowa state always having so many upsets and tricks up their sleeves. Did Texas finally find themselves against Texas Tech, or did they just have one great game? That's the question this week with Texas, but I'm going with UT but don't be surprised if it goes the other way."
    West Virginia (5-3) @ Oklahoma State (5-3)

    Reese: Oklahoma State
    "This one will likely be a shootout, but I'm giving the edge to Oklahoma State at home."

    Jeff: West Virginia
    "I think Dana will have his troops ready for this game. West Virginia’s offense will be clicking on all cylinders and take care of OSU. I am thinking this will be a high scoring game."

    Curtis: Oklahoma State
    "Oh West Virginia has fallen from grace. The Mountaineer defense gives up over 500 yards a game and now they have to go to Stillwater against a potent Cowboys offense. Quite simply, I like the Pokes to have a field day against the West Virginia secondary."

    Landon: Oklahoma State
    "When looking at this game I had a mental flash of Mike Leach's - and understand we're not going to get off topic about him - but I had a flash of Leach saying, straight-faced, 'I don't know how we're going to stop the greatest offense in the world' in response to OSU's marketing campaign "Greatest Offense in the World." Anyways, I think Oklahoma State's homefield advantage is one of the more underrated venues in the nation. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Oklahoma State wins by more than three scores."

    TAC: Oklahoma State
    "I think Oklahoma State is truly underrated right now, sure they have made a few bad decisions and have had some bad luck, but this is a good football team. I think they come out and have a big game against West Virginia and take the W."
    Kansas (1-8) @ #22 Texas Tech (6-3)

    Reese: Texas Tech 42-14
    "Kansas has played some close games recently, but Tech should pull out a comfortable win at home. Tech will be looking to rebound after a tough loss against Texas, and it will be senior day. Seth Doege and the other seniors will be looking to end their careers at the Jones with a bang, and I expect them to do just that."

    Jeff: Texas Tech 24-7
    "Tech may not be a top three Big 12 team but they definitely have enough talent to run away with this one. I think Kansas will play hard and keep the score respectable but Tech will lead early and never relinquish"

    Curtis: Texas Tech 41-17
    "I really feel like Kansas is due a conference win. I think the Tech defense will stop the run and make Kansas beat them with the pass. I don’t see that happening either. I think Doege and the Red Raider offense will open up their playbook and be very productive against the Jayhawk defense and give the seniors one more win at the Jones."

    Landon: Texas Tech 42-13
    "It's senior day for this group of Red Raiders and they're coming off an emotional loss. I think you will see Tech play their best football since the West Virginia game. Tech wins big, Brewer sees some time at the end."

    TAC: Texas Tech 41-17
    I think Texas Tech takes this win and gets back on track. I believe the Kansas state game set them behind emotionally, and that dragged into last weeks loss to Texas, but I believe they will be back on track this week and focused on the task at hand. I believe it will be a classic Texas Tech Air Raid, and they come out with not just a win, but get back on track to having a great season.
    Overall Standings:

    Reese G.: 41-15
    Special Guests: 38-16
    C. Brown: 37-19
    J. Ezell: 36-20
    Landon Wright: 35-21

    Special Guests' Standings:

    Khalid Naziruddin: 8-1
    Tramain Swindall: 8-2
    Aaron Crawford: 6-3
    Martin Zeno: 6-4
    Joel Gray: 5-4
    Aneas Henricks: 5-4
    Tell us what you think!

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  • EDIT: Originally I left out part of my Oklahoma State prediction commentary, but I decided to go ahead and add it.

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  • Reese: 9-1
    Landon: 8-2
    Curtis: 6-4
    Jeff: 8-2
    TAC: 8-2

    Hopefully I did that right. I'm a little distracted with the Texans game.

  • You did, thanks for putting it together! I gained a little bit of ground from where I was. I need you to have a bad "You Call It" week or two.