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Wreckem247's "You Call It" - Nov. 3rd Edition ft. Martin Zeno

  • This feature is where the guys and I predict the outcome of the Big 12 games and other top games around the country. Joining me in this edition are Reese Gardell, Jeff Ezell, Curtis Brown, and former Texas Tech men's basketball star Martin Zeno (2004-2008)!

    Zeno has been a starting guard for the Nilan Bisons in Finland since 2011. The Bisons are currently 4-2 this season and Zeno is averaging 27 points, 5.7 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game.
    The guys and I will pick the winner of the following:

    #1 Alabama (8-0) @ #5 LSU (7-1)
    #4 Oregon @ #17 USC (6-2)
    #16 Texas A&M (6-2) @ #15 Mississippi State (7-1)
    #22 Arizona (5-3) @ UCLA (6-2)
    Tulsa (7-1) @ Arkansas (3-5)

    We pick all Big 12 games with a short explanation as to why:

    #24 Oklahoma State (5-2) @ #2 Kansas State (8-0)
    #12 Oklahoma (5-2) @ Iowa State (5-3)
    TCU (5-3) @ #21 West Virginia (5-2)
    Kansas (1-7) @ Baylor (3-4)

    We predict the score and the winner of the Tech game and take a guess at how it'll turn out:

    #23 Texas (6-2) @ #18 Texas Tech (6-2)
    Picks are arranged in this order: Reese G. :: J. Ezell :: C. Brown :: Landon :: Martin Zeno

    #1 Alabama (8-0) @ #5 LSU (7-1) :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama :: Bama
    #4 Oregon @ #17 USC (6-2) :: Oregon :: Oregon :: Oregon :: Oregon :: Oregon
    #16 Texas A&M (6-2) @ #15 Mississippi State (7-1) :: A&M :: Miss St. :: A&M :: A&M :: Miss St.
    #22 Arizona (5-3) @ UCLA (6-2) :: UCLA :: UCLA :: UCLA :: Zona :: Zona
    Tulsa (7-1) @ Arkansas (3-5) :: Arkansas :: Tulsa :: Tulsa :: Arkansas :: Arkansas
    #24 Oklahoma State (5-2) @ #2 Kansas State (8-0)

    Reese: Kansas State
    "Kansas State's defense will attempt to rattle the young Wes Lunt and stop Joseph Randle while Kansas State's offense will look to establish the run and control the game. Collin Klein and Coach Snyder get the job done at home."

    Jeff: Kansas State
    "I see Oklahoma State as a similar team to Tech. Very young and talented with some weaknesses on the defensive side of the ball. Collin Klein will exploit those weaknesses."

    Curtis: Kansas State
    "This will be closer than what we think. I think the main difference will be the offensive line for Kansas State. They will be able to dictate the pace of the game which will allow Collin Klein to make enough plays for the victory."

    Landon: Kansas State
    "Oklahoma State is playing pretty good football right now. I think they keep it close but there is no way they win in Manhattan in what is shaping up to be the best season in the history of Kansas State Wildcats football."

    Zeno: Kansas State
    "The way Kansas State runs the ball with the quarterback and running back will just be difficult to stop. Plus playing a team at home in the Big 12 is always hard."
    #12 Oklahoma (5-2) @ Iowa State (5-3)

    Reese: Oklahoma
    "Oklahoma will be looking to bounce back after their loss to Notre Dame. Iowa State will put up a fight, but with Jake Knott out for the season, Oklahoma should pick up the win."

    Jeff: Oklahoma
    "I think Oklahoma has too much talent on the offensive side of the ball for Iowa State to keep up. The Cyclones have a pretty good team though."

    Curtis: Oklahoma
    "I believe Oklahoma will come out charged up just like they did against Tech. With Iowa State, you know they will be ready to play, but I believe Oklahoma's defense will be the difference."

    Landon: Oklahoma
    "Iowa State always plays pretty good football in Ames, but my faith in them (and the Miami Hurricanes) is a big part of the reason I'm in last place right now. I have to pick the safe pick - Oklahoma rebounds from the loss and wins convincingly on the road."

    Zeno: Oklahoma
    "It's a tough game to pick because Iowa State always plays good against rank teams at home. I picked Oklahoma because I think they still have something to prove."
    TCU (5-3) @ #21 West Virginia (5-2)

    Reese: West Virginia
    "This game will come down to which Boykin shows up for TCU. I expect West Virginia's offense to return to its early season form as West Virginia tries to resurrect their season."

    Jeff: West Virginia
    "West Virginia has obviously struggled against good defenses this year and TCU clearly has a more than adequate defense. However, I think this being a home game along with coming off a bye week will help WVU breakthrough this weekend with a win."

    Curtis: West Virginia
    "People have been telling this team for three weeks that they aren't good enough. They had the bye week to focus on themselves. With that being said, I believe the offense comes back alive and the defense comes out with one of their better performances of the season."

    Landon: TCU
    "I'm not going to catch up in the rankings without going out on a limb some where... TCU has a good defense that I think can slow West Virginia down. I think TCU's offense will have a field day with West Virginia's defense."

    Zeno: West Virginia
    "The battle of the newcomers, so I have to go with West Virginia because it's tough to play in Morgantown. They will have a electric home crowd and their offense can explode at anytime."
    Kansas (1-7) @ Baylor (3-4)

    Reese: Baylor
    "This game is not as straight forward as it seems. If Kansas can establish their run game like they did against Texas, Baylor's defense could be in for a long game. However, Baylor's offense should be able to put up enough points for them to win."

    Jeff: Baylor
    "If Kansas plays like they did last week they will have a shot in this game. I think Baylor will have enough offense to take care of the job though."

    Curtis: Baylor
    "I think Baylor will play with a chip on their shoulder so they will be focused on the Jayhawks. Nick Florence will play very well in this one."

    Landon: Baylor
    "Kansas' best game they played all year ended in a heartbreaking loss. I expect them to lose big after that one."

    Zeno: Baylor
    "Hard game to pick. I just think Baylor is a better football team right now."
    #23 Texas (6-2) @ #18 Texas Tech (6-2)

    Reese: Texas Tech 35-24
    "Tech, especially Tech's defense, will be looking to get back on track at home after a tough game against Kansas State. Tech's defense will be looking to prove that it can return to its early season form, and this game will come down to Tech's ability to stop Texas's running game. Tech should be able to put up some points against Texas's defense, and the home crowd should give Tech a lift."

    Jeff: Texas Tech 31-24
    "Tech should win this game rather easily but I don’t think they will. Texas always plays well against Tech regardless of what either team’s record indicates. It certainly helps Tech that the game is in Lubbock but I still think that mistakes by the Red Raiders will make this game closer than it should be. I think this will be a one score game in favor of Tech."

    Curtis: Texas Tech 34-21
    "The Longhorn defense has been gashed in just about every conference game this season. They have been missing some players on the defensive side which has hampered them. Johnathan Gray gives the Texas offense the big play ability that they don't have from any of their other running backs. I believe if Tech can establish the running game against Texas, score early, contain Johnathan Gray and make the Longhorn QB's beat them with their arms, then Tech will get the victory."

    Landon: Texas Tech 42-24
    "Tech is the better team right now. The Longhorns' defense has played bad all year and they have many more unanswered questions than a ranked team should have going into their ninth game of the year. Texas played with fire against Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and for awhile, Wyoming. That won't work against Tech this year. Crabtree is in town, the crowd will be alive, Tech is the better coached team right now. Tech wins fairly big."

    Zeno: #18 Texas Tech 40-31
    "Texas Tech always has great home field advantage in Jones Stadium. After last week's loss I think Tech is focused and ready to bounce back. Go Tech!!! Guns Up!!!"
    Overall Standings:

    Reese G.: 33-13
    Special Guests: 32-12
    J. Ezell: 30-16
    C. Brown: 30-16
    Landon Wright: 27-19

    Special Guests' Standings:

    Khalid Naziruddin: 8-1
    Tramain Swindall: 8-2
    Aaron Crawford: 6-3
    Joel Gray: 5-4
    Aneas Henricks: 5-4
    Tell us what you think!

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  • thanks Landon- on the surface this seems an easy week to pick. West Virginia vs TCU is probably the biggest question mark.

    Oklahoma @ Iowa State: OU 42 ISU 24
    TCU @ West Virginia: WVU 45 TCU 35
    Kansas @ Baylor: Baylor 48 Kansas 42
    Texas @ Texas Tech: TT 49 Texas 28
    OSU @ KSU: KSU 52 OSU 31

    Let Zeno know I heard a pretty funny Bobby Knight story about him- something about Bobby Knight breaking his finger in practice jamming it into Zeno's chest.

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  • Haha I'll be sure to let Zeno know. Great picks by the way, I can't disagree with any of them.

  • Reese: 8-2
    Landon: 8-2
    Zeno: 6-4
    Jeff: 6-4

    Reese G.: 41-15
    Special Guests: 38-16
    C. Brown: 37-19
    J. Ezell: 36-20
    Landon Wright: 35-21