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Wreckem247's "You Call It" - Rivalry Edition ft. D.J. Gillins

  • This feature is where the guys and I predict the outcome of the Big 12 games and other top games around the country. Joining me in this edition are Reese Gardell, Jeff Ezell, Curtis Brown, and Texas Tech 2014 quarterback commit D.J. Gillins!

    Gillins is rated as the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback in the nation by 247Sports.
    The guys and I will pick the winner of the following:

    #1 Notre Dame (11-0) @ USC (7-4)
    #4 Florida (10-1) @ #10 Florida State (10-1)
    #5 Oregon (10-1) @ #15 Oregon State (8-2)
    #8 Stanford (9-2) @ # 17 UCLA (9-2)
    #12 South Carolina (9-2) @ #11 Clemson (10-1)
    #19 Michigan (8-3) @ Ohio State (11-0)
    Wisconsin (7-4) @ Penn State (7-4)
    Mississippi State (8-3) @ Ole Miss (5-6)
    Georgia Tech (6-5) @ #3 Georgia (10-1)
    Louisiana Tech (9-2) @ San Jose State (9-2)

    We pick all Big 12 games with a short explanation as to why each team wins:

    TCU (6-4) @ #16 Texas (8-2) Thursday
    West Virginia (5-5) @ Iowa State (6-5) Friday
    #21 Oklahoma State (7-3) @ #13 Oklahoma (8-2)

    We predict the score and the winner of the Tech game and take a guess at how it'll turn out:

    Baylor (5-5) @ Texas Tech (7-4)
    Picks are arranged in this order: Reese G. :: J. Ezell :: C. Brown :: Landon :: D.J.

    #1 Notre Dame (11-0) @ USC (7-4) :: ND :: ND :: ND :: ND :: ND
    #4 Florida (10-1) @ #10 Florida State (10-1) :: FSU :: FSU :: FSU :: FSU :: FSU
    #5 Oregon (10-1) @ #15 Oregon State (8-2) :: UO :: UO :: UO :: UO :: UO
    #8 Stanford (9-2) @ # 17 UCLA (9-2) :: Stan :: Stan :: Stan :: UCLA :: Stan
    #12 South Carolina (9-2) @ #11 Clemson (10-1) :: Clem :: Clem :: Clem :: Clem :: SC
    #19 Michigan (8-3) @ Ohio State (11-0) :: OSU :: OSU :: OSU :: OSU :: OSU
    Wisconsin (7-4) @ Penn State (7-4) Wisc :: Wisc :: Wisc :: Wisc :: PSU :: Wisc
    Mississippi State (8-3) @ Ole Miss (5-6) :: MSSt ::MSSt :: MSSt :: Ole Miss :: MSSt
    Georgia Tech (6-5) @ #3 Georgia (10-1) :: UGA :: UGA :: UGA :: UGA :: UGA
    Louisiana Tech (9-2) @ San Jose State (9-2) :: LT :: LT :: LT :: LT :: LT
    TCU (6-4) @ #16 Texas (8-2)

    Reese: Texas
    "This should be a good game, but I expect Texas to get the job done at home. It will be a different atmosphere than past Thanksgiving games for obvious reasons, but Texas will look to create a new rivalry with TCU with a bang."

    Jeff: Texas
    "Texas is a more complete team than TCU is, plain and simple. Texas will be able to ‘out-athlete’ TCU this year."

    Curtis: Texas
    "I believe Texas will continue with their running game and maintain the momentum they have
    generated since the Texas Tech game."

    Landon: Texas
    "I wanted to pick TCU but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Texas is finally showing signs of improvement, plus playing on Thanksgiving Day should give them more to fight for."

    D.J.: Texas
    "Texas' defense is really good, but this will be a great game. I only chose Texas because they're home. Texas has probably the toughest stadium in Texas."
    West Virginia (5-5) @ Iowa State (6-5)

    Reese: West Virginia
    "Iowa State will put up a fight a home, but Geno Smith appears to have it going again. West Virginia has a lot more on the line in this game as it will be playing for bowl eligibility."

    Jeff: Iowa State
    "West Virginia has a long ways to go to be considered a complete football team. ISU playing at home and the added motivation to finish the season with seven wins will be enough to control the game."

    Curtis: West Virginia
    "West Virginia has proven they haven’t been able to stop anybody this season on defense, so I believe Iowa State will stop themselves in this game. West Virginia will simply outscore Iowa State."

    Landon: Iowa State
    "West Virginia hasn't won a game since Tech beat them in early October. Iowa State usually plays very well at home and I think they have a little more confidence going into this one, knowing that West Virginia is beatable."

    D.J.: West Virginia
    "West Virginia will beat Iowa State. West Virginia has too much to lose. Geno Smith will get back on track, and Tavon Austin will do great this week in the running game and receiving."
    #21 Oklahoma State (7-3) @ #13 Oklahoma (8-2)

    Reese: Oklahoma
    "Both offenses are capable of putting up points, but Oklahoma has the edge on defense. This should be another good edition of Bedlam, but Oklahoma has the edge playing at home."

    Jeff: Oklahoma
    "This game has shootout written all over it. So it will probably end up being 6-9. I think home field advantage will play a huge role in OU’s victory. OU’s defense will make more plays than OSU’s defense."

    Curtis: Oklahoma
    "Though this is Bedlam, Oklahoma State having to play a motivated Oklahoma Sooner team
    bent on revenge for what happened in last year’s game, having an opportunity to clinch at least a share of the Big 12 title and an outside chance to enter the BCS will be too much for the Cowboys."

    Landon: Oklahoma State
    "Oklahoma State has my vote for most improved team in the Big 12 since week 1. They looked like a Top 10 team against Tech last week and they will put everything on the table against the Sooners. I think it'll be a hard fought, close game, but I think OSU pulls it out."

    D.J.: Oklahoma
    "This is Oklahoma's inner state rival. So its very important for them to win. Landry Jones will produce great numbers. Both of these offenses are going to produce major numbers."
    Baylor (5-5) @ Texas Tech (7-4)

    Reese: Baylor 42-35
    "I just don't have a good feeling about this game. Hopefully Tech will rebound after a tough loss and Baylor's big win will go to their heads. However, Baylor will be playing for bowl eligibility and should come in focused. If some of Tech's banged up secondary players don't come back, it could be a long day for Tech's defense."

    Jeff: Baylor 49-31
    "I just don’t see any killer instinct in Tech’s offense. It is if almost everything has to go just right for the Tech offense to show any kind of rhythm or purpose. I think Baylor’s offense will take it to Tech in Dallas."

    Curtis: Texas Tech 34-31
    "It all depends on which Baylor team shows up. If it’s the one that showed up last week against Kansas State, it will be a long day for Texas Tech. If it’s the Baylor team we have seen for most of the Big 12 season, then Tech should have the edge. Baylor has a lot more to lose than Texas Tech, having said that, I believe Baylor may have had such an emotional high that they might let this one slip away."

    Landon: Texas Tech 42-38
    "Oh man, this one was tough to pick. Baylor is going to score a lot of points, so for Tech to win they will need to score more. But, will they? Tech's offense, in my opinion, has underachieved tremendously since their road win against TCU. Tech's defense hasn't forced one turnover in over a month. Baylor has improved quite a bit this year and is my No. 2 most improved team in the Big 12, under Oklahoma State. I could see this going either way, and I could even see it going lopsided either way. At the end of the day, I can't bring myself to pick the Bears over the Red Raiders. Perhaps Baylor will lay an egg after coming off such a big win? We'll see what happens."

    D.J.: Texas Tech 35-21
    "I would pick Texas Tech over any school in the nation, even Alabama lol. Texas Tech has a pretty good defense, so Baylor's offensive numbers will be limited. Baylor's secondary is pretty bad. Texas Tech will throw and run all over them."
    Overall Standings:

    Reese G.: 55-21
    Special Guests: 52-24
    Landon Wright: 49-27
    J. Ezell: 48-28
    C. Brown: 46-30

    Special Guests' Standings:

    Khalid Naziruddin: 8-1
    Tramain Swindall: 8-2
    Brandon Carter aka "TAC": 8-2
    Aaron Crawford: 6-3
    Big Rich: 6-4
    Martin Zeno: 6-4
    Joel Gray: 5-4
    Aneas Henricks: 5-4
    Tell us who you've picked to win this week's games!

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  • Reese: 8-6
    Jeff: 7-7
    Curtis: 7-7
    Landon: 6-8
    D.J.: 8-6

  • Ouch. I should have went with TCU, I almost did.